Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Choosing computer science and engineering stream while pursing engineering course at Sukhjinder Group of Institutes, Dunera is considered as one of the smartest decision one can ever take in his/her life. We are living in a world where the whole world aspires and strives to be one global city with all the banes and bones of industrial development, scientific knowledge and advancement in the field of computers. The emphasis of computer science and engineering department is on software development with technological and scientific basis. The department prepares students with the necessary knowledge and skills to work in areas such as technical support, application software development, system programming and system analysis and network administration.

During the admission time, the seats of computer science engineering department are used to fill at a faster rate than any other stream. Our staff provides technical education to all the students who are pursuing bachelors and masters degree in CSE stream. Students from different cities choose our institutes to obtain a degree in the same stream.

Why to Choose CSE?

The demand of computer engineers is high and is expected to increase with the passage of every single day. Softwares have become an important part of our lives, ranging from a Smartphone application to big software. Computer Science and Engineering is a course that allows students to understand the basic functioning of a small chip.

Just imagine our lives without the use of computers, laptops, internet and social media websites, not possible? Thus, we can say how important the computer science and engineering stream is.


Our vision is to become the best computer science engineering college in Punjab, by offering the excellent technical skills to all the aspiring students for the betterment of world’s future.


Our mission is to:

  • Provide the best of our knowledge through state of the art facilities in computer science and engineering department.
  • Encourage the students to take part in technical and research based activities.


It is the most popular program of engineering stream that comprises of different subjects, with curriculum designed to serve the needs of computer engineers. B.Tech in computer science helps students to fulfill the industry needs and enhance the program quality in a better way.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have passed high schooling in non medical field.
  • Must have given the entrance exam of engineering.

Course Duration

No. of Seats (Engineering) = 60

No. of Seats (Diploma) = 60

4 years long duration program.