Department of Mechanical Engineering

The department of Mechanical Engineering at Sukhjinder Group of Institutes, Dunera is considered as the oldest branch of engineering. It is also referred as the Mother of other engineering branches. We are the top engineering colleges in Punjab, allowing undergraduates to improve their knowledge and skills of various mechanical engineering principals. Our course is approved by AICTE. We work with our team of trained and professional staff, to provide them an environment where they can improve their technical skills, gain the required knowledge and get placed in one of the top MNC’s companies. We, at Sukhjinder Group of Institutes, provide them a platform where they can learn team spirits, moral and ethical and leadership values.

The department of mechanical engineering at Sukhjinder Group of Institutes is a 4 year degree program that includes 8 semesters with nearly 60 subjects. Our staff’s aim is to make every Mechanical engineer an expert, so they can compete globally in this emerging world. This course covers various subjects, such as Electricity, Thermodynamics, Kinematics, Structural Analysis etc. Mechanical engineers are designed to work on life cycle product management and computer aided design to serve the needs of manufacturing plants.

Why to Choose Mechanical Engineering?

Nowadays, we are surrounded with a lot of common things, such as Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and Vacuum Cleaners etc. All these have one thing in common i.e.; Mechanical Engineering. If you have an interest in designing automobiles and machine parts, Mechanical Engineering is the right course for you.

Another important highlight of this stream that attracts maximum students to pursue their career in mechanical engineering is it has broad and diverse future. Almost all the inventions made during the early years and in the modern era are directly/indirectly related to the application of mechanics.


We want our Mechanical Engineering department to be recognized for providing outstanding education and produce well-qualified engineers who are not only experts but advanced in research based projects.

We aim to:

  • Deliver high quality education and improve their skills, so they can contribute their success in the world’s economy growth.
  • To prepare students, making them fulfill intellectual, ethical and career challenges.
  • To make them excellent in research and training programs.


We run a placement program for all mechanical engineering graduates and it is quite successful. Students get placed in top MNCs, securing a high designation at a decent salary package.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have passed high schooling in non medical field.
  • Must have given the entrance exam of engineering.

Course Duration

4 years long duration program.
No. of Seats (Diploma) = 180
No. of Seats (Engineering) = 60
Sukhjinder Group Of Institutes
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Tehsil: Dhar kalan, Dunera,
District -Pathankot, Punjab
Ph. +91 1870 258 305

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