Today, everyone is aware of the importance of technical education. It helps students to develop theoretical and practical knowledge, so they can contribute to the success of economical growth. Technical education plays a vital role in the overall development of body, mind and soul. It improves the quality of living standard by producing skilled and trained manpower. Technical education gives all the knowledge and skills people require to compete in this competitive environment.

Nowadays, in every aspect of our life, the influence of science & technology is becoming is practical that people can’t imagine their life without its existence. That’s why; to provide the required training to our students, we have to build an education system that mainly focuses on technical and practical knowledge. Technical education has become so prevalent that it can fulfill all the demands of a growing nation. So the demand of technical education in this world is quite high.

The technical education refers to the course of polytechnic after 10th and after 12th to B. Tech engineering colleges in Punjab, India, which are aimed at producing quality technical engineers. It plays a vital role in the overall development of the nation by producing engineers that fulfill the needs of industry, society, community and global. Technical education covers a wide range of courses and subjects in engineering, management, hotel management, pharmacy, architecture etc.

Importance of Technical Education in India

In India, technical education needs to be taken into consideration at the top of priority and managed properly so as to encourage the aspirants to know their potential and improve their area of education as an important economic resource. It builds a level of confidence and sense of self-respect in every individual. If a country has enough of its technical manpower, it wouldn’t have to hire people from foreign countries, thus technical education can make a country rich.

Why Engineering is the Best Technical Course?

Usually, parents don’t take their child’s school life seriously, but as their child reaches the highest level, their parents start worrying about their future. They start looking for a course for their child to pursue right after the completion of higher secondary education. Most of them get confused about which course to be chosen, from a number of courses available.

Since decades, engineering is considered as the most popular career choice all over the world. It comes with several opportunities and its scope is expected to rise in near future as well. Engineering benefits only when it is done for the right engineering college, which is highly reputed and imparts quality education. But, there seem to be a less number of options when it comes to choosing the best engineering college in Punjab, India.

Sukhjinder Group of Institutes at Dunera

Sukhjinder Group of Institutes at Dunera is considered as the top rated engineering college in Punjab area, offering industrial training and quality technical education to all the students who are pursuing Engineering, Management, Hotel Management, Pharmacy etc. The best in class placements add another star to the popularity of this college. Students get a friendly environment and several opportunities to explore their knowledge I each semester. In addition, the college is also famous for organizing a number of extra-curricular activities at state & national level.

If you are thinking about this course and are planning to take admission in this college, go ahead! You’ve truly made the great decision! You can explore our website to know more about the courses.

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